Become a Cybercon Affiliate.
Promote Cybercon data center hosting coupon codes and earn up to 50% referral commissions.

Cybercon Affiliate Benefits

Whether you are a website owner, blogger, marketing expert, or are just active in social media, you can make money by sharing your own dedicated coupon codes. These coupon codes give your referrals a discount, and you get a payment for 50% of the sale!

  • 50% commission
  • No Cost to join
  • Payment via Paypal, Amazon Pay, Check or other methods
  • Coupon codes never expire

How it Works

Since everything works around your coupon code, the system works very easily and clearly.

  • When you become an affiliate, you get a dedicated coupon code. Your coupon code never expire.
  • The coupon codes provide discounts of 10%, 20% or even more. Discounts never expire.
  • When a visitor uses your coupon code, the sale is linked to your affiliate account.
  • Linked sales may qualify for one-time 50% commission.
  • Your total commission is paid out if it exceeds 100 US dollars.

Example In Action

Here is just one simple example of how you can quickly earn a payment.

  1. You register as an affiliate and get your coupon code.
  2. You post a tweet with the coupon code to all of your twitter followers, or display your coupon code on your website.
  3. A visitor uses your coupon code to get a 20% discount on a $299 per month dedicated gold blade server. Discounts never expire.
  4. The sale is credited to your affiliate account and you may qualify for a one-time 50% commission.
  5. Once we received the payment, you earned a one-time commission of $119.60 = $299 (listed price) x 80% (after 20% discount) x 50% (commission rate).
  6. You get a payment of $119.60 simply because someone used your coupon code!