Network Firewall

As threats to the Internet servers grow more prevalent and destructive, securing the infrastructure is critical to maintaining a viable eBusiness. Attacks come from multiple sources in a variety of forms. Businesses need more than just an Internet security device; they require a comprehensive and reliable security solution. Cybercon's network firewall offerings are purpose-built to perform essential networking security functions. Optimized for maximum performance and feature integration, they are designed on top of robust networking and security real-time operating systems. Our network firewall offerings can protect customers' network from attacks and malware while simultaneously facilitating secure business-to-business communications.

Our main network firewall products are Juniper Firewalls. Order a Juniper firewall today!

    Juniper Firewall SSG5

    Juniper Firewall SSG5   $79.00 / Month   

    * One Dedicated Juniper Firewall SSG5.
    * Initial installation and configuration of the firewall.
    * Remote hands support;
    Firewall features:
    * Max Users (IP’s) Supported - Unlimited;
    * Firewall performance Lg Packets – 160 Mbps ;
    * Firewall performance IMIX – 90 Mbps ;
    * 3DES encryption performance – 40 Mbps;
    * Concurrent sessions – 8,000;
    * New sessions per sec – 2,800;
    * Max Security Policies - 200;
    * Up to 25 Concurrent VPN tunnels;
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    Managed Juniper Firewall SSG140

    Managed Juniper Firewall SSG140   $299.00 / Month   

    * One Dedicated Juniper Firewall SSG140.
    * Install and configure the firewall;
    * Unlimited reconfigurations based on customer needs;
    * Troubleshooting when needed;
    * Remote hands support;
    Firewall features:
    Firewall Perf (Large Packets): 350+ Mbps;
    Firewall Performance (IMIX): 300 Mbps;
    Firewall Packets Per Second: 100,000 PPS;
    3DES+SHA-1 VPN Perf: 100 Mbps;
    Concurrent VPN Tunnels: 500;
    Max Concurrent Sessions: 48,000;
    New Sessions/Second: 8,000;
    Max Security Policies: 1,000;
    Max Security Zones: 40;
    Max Virtual Routers: 6;
    Max Virtual LANs: 100;
    Fixed I/O: 8x10/100, 2x10/100/1000;
    Mini-Physical Interface Module(Mini-PIM) Expansion Slots: 0;
    Physical Interface Module (PIM) Expansion Slots: 4;
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Interested in other Juniper firewall models or other brand of firewalls ?  Please contact us via our Sales Inquiry Form for network firewall, or call us toll free at 1.800.932.2354 (International: 1.314.621.9991). We're here for you 24 hours a day.