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A cloud server is a pooled, centralized server resource that is hosted and delivered over the Internet and accessed on demand by multiple users. Cloud servers can perform all the same functions as a traditional physical (bare metal) server, delivering processing power, storage, and applications. Cloud servers are more reliable and scalable.

Windows Cloud Server

Microsoft Windows Cloud Servers provide a solid foundation for all of your server workload and application requirements while being easy to deploy and manage.

Linux Cloud Server

Linux Server

Linux is a leading server operating system, and runs the 10 fastest supercomputers in the world. In addition, more than 90% of today’s supercomputers run some variant of Linux.

VMware Cloud Server

VMware Server

VMware ESXi Hypervisor is high performance purpose-build easy-to-use Hypervisor. Cybercon offer low cost yet powerful cloud servers running on this proven ESXi platform.

Docker Cloud Server

Docker Server

Container, or containerization is a Operating-System-Level virtualization. It is a feature in which the kernel allows the existence of multiple isolated user-space instances called containers.

Cloud Firewall

Protect you cloud server(s) with Cloud Firewall

Cybercon Cloud Server Hosting features:

  • High Quality Server Hardware: We only use HP or Dell data center servers. Enterprise quality SAN.
  • High Quality Internet Backbone Connections: Direct multi-homed connections to the top Internet backbones in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • High Quality Tech Support Services:
    Live, on-site, USA based technical support available 24x7x365 by telephone, Discord server, email, or our online support portal ticket system; When you call us you get to talk to a live tech staff right away. No robot, no multiple levels menu tree to fight through.
  • Remote Server Console Access: You can use a web browser to access your cloud server console over the Internet. With the server console, you can reboot your cloud servers.  you can login to your cloud server even when your cloud server’s network connection is turned off. 
  • Big Data Outsourcing:  Your cloud servers can use our reliable and scalable big data platform as your backend. We will host, update, and process data for your websites, apps, or software applications. Outsourcing your big data needs to us so you can focus on developing your websites, apps, or software applications. 
  • Comprehensive Operating System Selections: You can have your favorite server operating system. We support all major Linux operating systems, and all major Microsoft Windows server operating systems. The entire operating system is dedicated to you. You can install any software or application on your cloud servers;
  • Full Administrative Access: You can have root access to your Linux cloud servers, and  Administrative access to your Windows cloud servers; You can SSH into your Linux cloud servers. You can remote desktop into your Windows cloud servers. 
  • UnMetered Bandwidth: Each cloud server package provided a good size bandwidth port. You can use all the bandwidth the port is allowed. We do not meter your bandwidth usage. Your monthly bill will stay the same unless you upgrade. No surprise bandwidth charges!
  • IPv4 IPs: We provide each cloud server with one IPv4 address. Additional IPv4 addresses can be ordered. IPv4 IPs become a rare commodity now.  
  • 100% Uptime SLA: Our SLA terms are amongst the most aggressive in the cloud server hosting industry.
  • State-of-the-art SOC 2 Type II Certified data center facility includes diesel power generators, power UPSes, environmental cooling systems, multi-level security, and pre-action fire suppression systems. Self owned 20,000 square feet world class data center facility in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

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