Network and Facility Uptime Guarantee

Network and Facility
Availability Guarantee Scop

Cybercon’s Service Level Agreement provides the customer with a guarantee on both Network connectivity and Facilities. It insures that Internet backbone connectivity is available 100% of the time. It also insures that utility power and environmental controls are available 100% of the time.

Scheduled Maintenance Scope

Scheduled Maintenance shall mean any maintenance at the Cybercon data center at which Customer’s equipment is located (a) of which Customer is notified 24 hours in advance, or (b) that is performed during a standard maintenance window from Midnight to 5 AM (US Central Standard Time) at a Cybercon data center which Customer’s equipment is located. Notice of Scheduled Maintenance will be provided to Customer’s designated point of contact by a method elected by Cybercon (trouble ticket system, telephone, email, or fax).

Network and
Facility Availability Guarantee Process

Customer shall submit the SLA credit request at within 12 hours of the outage. A ticket number will be issue to the customer. Network and Facility unavailability will not include Scheduled Maintenance, or any unavailability resulting from (a) any Customer circuits or equipment, (b) Customer’s applications or equipment, (c) acts or omissions of Customer, or any use or user of the service authorized by Customer or (d) reasons of Force Majeure (as defined in the Master Service Agreement).

Network and Facility
Availability Guarantee Remedy

For each cumulative hour of Network or Facility Unavailability in any calendar month, at Customer’s request Customer’s account shall be credited for the pro-rated charges for one day of the related Cybercon Monthly Service Fee for the service with respect to which a Network or Facility Availability Guarantee has not been met. In any calendar month, customer’s aggregated credits may not exceed one month’s service charge for the covered service.